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Welcome to MEGSE!

Medieval Graduate Students in English is a group of English graduate students at the University of New Mexico who are focusing their graduate work in the medieval period. We hope you will find this site useful as a tool for online medieval research and as a means to find out more about us and our program.

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Site Content

The site has the following sections:

Research & Learning: Designed for use as a guide to online research tools for medieval scholars. This section of the site features a list of web links; links to resources, teaching aids, and study guides created by UNM students and faculty; and resources available at the UNM library.

Students: Created as a place for Medieval English graduate students at UNM to showcase their work. Here you can find more about us. In addition to viewing our areas of concentration and academic interests, you can see our photographs, short biographies, CVs, and lists of current projects.

Student Achievements: Listed here are student achievements for the current and previous semesters.

Courses: Organized by discipline, this list shows all graduate courses in Medieval Studies offered at UNM.

Faculty: Listed here are the faculty who teach medieval courses at UNM, including English faculty, and faculty from other departments.

Alumni: UNM alumni who focused on Medieval English have gone on to diverse careers. Listed here are information about our alumni.

Visiting Scholars: Each spring semester, UNM has a visiting scholar specializing in Norse myth in culture who teaches a course in Viking Mythology. Listed here are our past visitors.

Please take the time to have a look around, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions or comments.


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Helen Damico, Faculty Advisor

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