Medieval Graduate Students in English

MSC03 2170
1 University of New Mexico
Albuquerque, NM 87131

Physical Location:
2nd Floor


Because the Medieval Studies focus is by nature an interdisciplinary program, students involved in MeGSE will have the opportunity to branch out to a number of other disciplines while focusing on their studies within the English language.  This is a tremendous opportunity, bringing in world-class faculty members from Art & Art History, History, and Language programs throughout the University.

Faculty in English

Dr. Jonathan Davis-Secord

Jonathan Davis-Secord

Assistant Professor
Old English Language and Literature

Dr. Anita Obermeier

Anita Obermeier

Middle English Language and Literature

Helen Damico

Professor Emerita
Old English and Old Norse Language and Literature

Faculty in Other Disciplines

(Please see the faculty profiles at The Institute for Medieval Studies Website for more information on each faculty member)

Art History

Justine Andrews


Sarah Davis-Secord
Fred Gibbs
Timothy Graham
Michael Ryan

Honors College

Leslie Donovan

Spanish & Portuguese

Anthony Cárdenas